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Saturday, October 22, 2016


Qinkk – from anonymous user to loyal customer

Something is afoot in the car park management market. It isn’t just another permutation of contact-free entry into multistorey car parks. Now, for the first time, car park operators can communicate directly with their ‘anonymous’ short-term parking customers using qinkk, the new, patented beacon-based app from DESIGNA. This is something many operators have been craving for for a long time, because until now, these parking transactions have been completely anonymous and there has not been a way of making direct contact with customers.




Innovation awarded for Parkeon and Northern Rail

A partnership between Parkeon Transportation and Northern Rail has led to success at the Transport Ticketing & Passenger Information Awards 2015.


100 new i3 in DriveNow – BMW’s premium electric car sharing...

BMW Group supports a paradigm shift to cities based around people rather than cars. Presentation of concepts that explore how urban mobility can be managed without private cars; Electric car sharing as a key component; BMW i3 now available via DriveNow.