EPA Congress Vienna 2009


1st Working Session – Visions for the Future

Development trend of car use and technique and demand on car parks
Dirk Kessler, BMW/D

Value of Parking organization for economy, society and environment
Hermann Knoflacher, Techn. University Vienna /A

Parking supply, the major figure of mobility policies in European cities
Francisco Narvaez, Barcelona City Council / E

More parking spaces or fewer?
Ward Vleugels, Q-Park/NL

2nd Working Session – Resident’s and client’s demand

Design your business
Robert Weiskopf, SKIDATA /A

Urban dynamics, public opinion and parking
Laurence Bannerman, AIPARK /I

Large capacity car parks and their impact on the environment
Milan Skyva, DIC Bratislava, s.r.o./SK

Endless search for a parking lot or expensive car park spaces?
Martin Hoffer, ÖAMTC/A

Garages underneath city roads?
Werner Rosinak, Rosinak & Partner ZT GmbH /A

How to grow when markets don’t
Friedrich Schock, Apcoa/D

3rd Working Session – Parking and its costs

Partnership EPA – LOGOS – first results
Tom Antonissen, LOGOS Public Affairs/B

Income methods for valuation of parking garages
Birgit Trofer & Gerald Stocker, University of Applied Sciences, Wiener Neustadt/A

Costs and benefits of public parking spaces and car parks
Sebastian Kummer/Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration/A 

The city of Vienna car park and park & ride-program
Alfred Theuermann/Executive Office for Urban Planning /A

Maintenance of car parks – a subject that needs more attention
Jitze Rinsma, Keypoint Parking/NL

4th Working Session – Best practice in operation

Parking fees and the economic viability of city centers
Sjoerd Stienstra, Grontmij Parkconsult / NL

How to increase operator’s profitability with networked Intercom solutions
Georg Winkler, Commend /A

Energy effiziencyin lighting and how to achieve
Stefan Hackmann, Aura Light/D

DSRC-components – basics for multi application solutions
Werner Dreschl, Kapsch TrafficCom AG/A

Optimised Maintenance Management by Non-Destructive Measurement Methods
Hermann Lechner, TÜV Rheinland LGA Bautechnik GmbH/D

Cashless payment with mobile phones in Germany and Croatia
Christoph Schwarzmichel & Matthias Mandelkow, sunhill technologies GmbH/D

Mobile Phone Parking Payment in Croatia
Srećko Šimurina, Croatian Parking Ass./HR

Additional Not Listed Presentations

Success = performance x communication² – Helmut Sattler,
WIPARK Garagen GmbH / A

Energy saving and cost saving with the JET ventilation system
Ralf Burkhardt, Burkhardt Projekt GmbH /D


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