Calm Down: Rentalite installed Green lighting in car park ‘Hoge Heren’



By choice of the architect, to combine the black tones of the building with green accents was chosen for green lighting in the garage. Please see the pictures below.

In the car park are Premium Power LEDs installed with individual sensors, each fixture contains its own sensor. If the sensor detects movement the lights will switch to 100% and when no movement occurs the lamp dims, after 10 minutes, to 10%. The great advantage of the Premium Power LED lamps with individual sensor is that the existing cabling does not need be adapted to still make use of dimming and thus achieve the maximum savings. Also, there are built-in battery packs inserted in the fittings for the purpose of emergency lighting.

Through the use of the individual sensors, the saving rises to 85% and the payback period only 1.5 years.

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