Rentalite completed the third LED installation at Q-Park


The car park is situated in the center of Rotterdam, has 435 spaces and is operated by Q-Park.

The installation involves a nice solid and continuous aluminum line of 599 Premium Power LED fixtures and in between the fixtures aluminum blind pieces (2700 meters). All luminaires are equipped with the RentAlite Basic DIM ® system. When there is no movement in the car park the lamps will dim to a level of 10% of the maximum power, which will realize an additional saving of up to 90% compared to the initial situation. Basic dimming means that the fixtures in the lowest position can dim to 0-10-20 or 30% and in the highest position (when motion is detected) to 70-80-90 or 100%.

RentAlite will begin in the next month with the installation of the Premium Power LED lighting in the Q-Park car park ‘Grote markt’ in The Hague.

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