Parkeon: Continued rise in sales and profitability for the 4th year in a row


Again, and despite the budgetary constraints of local authorities, all the group’s activities (Smart City and Smart Transport) experienced growth. The group actually receives strong demand for urban mobility solutions in emerging countries and there is also a need for simpler and smarter services in Europe and North America.

The increasingly enhanced commercial endeavours of the group have lead to new markets being opened up, especially in the former republics of the Soviet Union. In these countries and the Asia-Pacific area, new investment has been put into local sales teams, dedicated to these markets, who are capable of establishing partnerships with local stakeholders with a view to facilitating contact with policymakers or decision-makers.

The group saw a 72% rise in its Ebitda over the financial year, which now totals 31 million euros. This growth in profitability boils down to two factors:

– It emerges from the added value provided to our clients (local authorities) and the residents of towns and cities.

– It is the result of the digitalisation of Parkeon’s offer which greatly increases revenue without increasing costs.

The added value provided by Parkeon

The Parkeon solutions make urban mobility simpler, more ecological by promoting smart transport (public transport, cycling, walking) and by optimising parking for the vehicles of individuals and companies.

For residents and companies, the tangible advantage involves:
– Access to a unique and straightforward solution in terms of paying for bus and tramway travel or cycling or parking vehicles. This is regardless of whether the payment is made in cash (coins), credit or debit card or using your telephone.

– Access to right information at the right time: in your vehicle looking for a parking space or delivery area, in the street looking for a shop or service, calling a taxi or discovering any problems with public transport, on your phone to receive highly accurate guidance.

There are also many advantages for towns and cities:
– Providing residents with a modern and consolidated payment method to promote inter-modality

– Boasting a system which prevents fraud

– Managing the street parking of illegally parked cars to allow residents to park when they return from work and local shops and businesses to provide their customers with parking spaces.

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