Training on Green Parking Platform with fifteen experts from all over the world


With this training they improved their knowledge on our software SCADA and on technical features for commissioning and setup our different solutions of the “GREEN PARKING PLATFORM”:

– EMS (Energy Monitoring System)

– LEDPARK (Intelligent LED Lighting System)

– DPGS (Dynamic Parking Guidance System)

– CIRCARLIFE (Electrical recharging stations for electric vehicles)

All the attendants passed the training so they got the official certification from CIRCONTROL for the “GREEN PARKING PLATFORM”. Now the technicians and Project Managers from our EXPERTS worldwide have the capability to improve and reduce the commissioning work and offer new functionalities to their customers: antitheft alarm, Bay reservation, Overstay alarm, Energy consumption reports, customized reports between some others.

About Circontrol

Circontrol is a manufacturer company leader in its sector, with over 20.000 charging stations for electric vehicles working all over the world and more than 400 par carks managed using its efficient solutions for car parks. 


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