Every day, the people of Madrid struggle with downtown traffic. On the way to work, they drive through many streets in search of a free parking. The search for parking is not only cumbersome and time-consuming, but it also affects the environment.

A building with full of amenities

However, the inhabitants of the building Gran Via 48 can consider themselves lucky. The renowned architect Rafael de la Hoz and the project developer and owner VALMARCASA have thoroughly planned all the amenities of the building including comfortable underground parking. Woehr Madrid Via 48.


High-Tech solution was a necessity

From the outset, it was clear that the need for more parking spaces would only be achieved with a smart and dynamic parking solution. Wöhr GmbH was involved since the beginning of the project, planning and building the innovative automatic parking system for 320 parking spaces.


Parksafe 582/583 proved ideal for the long and very narrow building spaces and maximized the use of a confined space. Due to the difficult layout of the parking garage, two systems, the Parksafe Systems 583 and 582, were installed with an additional lateral vertical lift. This is hidden in the transfer cabin. All available space of the parking garage was optimized.

Easy to use

From the entrance barrier, the driver is directed to one of the five transfer cabins thanks to clever traffic routing. This helps maintain a smooth parking operation.


The monitor on the transfer cabin indicates to the driver if the car is properly positioned. Once all the data is checked, the driver receives a message on the monitor so he/she can exit the car.

Wide open spaces

The transfer cabins are bright and friendly. The driver has enough free space in the automatic parking system cabins to get out of the car and fully open the car door compared to a conventional parking space.

Outside the transfer cabin, the transfer of the car is confirmed via an RFID chip before the doors close. When the driver requests his/her car, the transfer can be seen via the monitor cabin. Delivery time is about 2.5 minutes.


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