The newly opened and state-of-the-art parking garage Museumquarter in The Hague has been awarded the golden edition of the European Standard Parking Award: the ESPA Gold Award. This award is the award for parking garages of exceptionally high quality. Interparking received the quality label Wednesday, April 26th, by Monique Pluijm, chairman of Vexpan, the platform for parking in the Netherlands.

The all new Gold Award from EPA

The ESPA Gold Award was created by the European Parking Association (EPA) to distinguish high quality parking garages from the standard that each car park should meet. Rolf Oostendorp, CEO of Interparking Netherlands, received the award:


“With the arrival of the Museumkwartier parking garage, the old Tournooiveld function has been restored and the parking garage became the gateway to The Hague. This fulfills a long-awaited wish of i.a. entrepreneurs, owners, residents and cultural institutions in the area.”

Focus on customer experience

Customer experience plays a major role in the parking garage, so there is a parking management system – which leads the visitor to a free space, LED lighting – to minimise the power consumption of the lighting, license plate recognition.

Rentalite was in charge of installing the most energy efficient LED lighting in the garage. They succeeded to save over 70% on the lighting energy and CO2 emission.

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