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Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Curtin University introduces electric + autonomous bus service

Curtin University is the first Australian university to trial a commercial driverless bus. This trial will contribute to the growing field of research in automated driving technology.

Meet the LeEco: The new Tesla killer from China! +VIDEO

LeEco really wants the world to know it isn't just about TVs and smartphones. After the announcements of its investment in Faraday Future and Aston Martin earlier this year, today LeEco showed off its very first electric car that actually moves.

55% Of Poll Respondents Choose Tesla Model 3 To Be Their Next Electric Car

A recent survey of soon to be plug-in electric car buyers finds that 55% of those surveyed plan to make the Tesla Model their choice for their next electric car.

Wide range of electric cars at the 2016 Geneva Auto and Motorshow

Rare photo gallery of new electric cars exhibited at the 2016 Geneva Motor Show.

New Audi Q6 E-tron electric SUV concept heading to Frankfurt

New images reveal striking electric SUV concept set for September Frankfurt show, previewing confirmed Q6 production car in 2018

Tesla’s loss triples in 2Q as it lowers delivery forecast

Tesla Motors' upcoming Model X SUV cast a long shadow over the company's second-quarter results. Tesla's net loss nearly tripled to $184 million in the April-June period as it invested in tooling and factory capacity for the new SUV, which is scheduled to go on sale next month.

San Francisco’s love affair with the electric car +VIDEO

More electric cars are sold in San Francisco than anywhere else in the United States. In a bid to encourage more Californians to fall in love with the environmentally friendly vehicles, the City is holding a week long "electric car fest".

LA and the $1.6M Electric Car-Sharing Program +VIDEO

A new pilot program aims to offer electric vehicle car-sharing options in Los Angeles, officials announced Friday.

Tesla battery upgrades: The ‘Insane’ electric car becomes ‘Ludicrous’

Tesla’s Insane Mode apparently wasn’t crazy enough, so now Model S updates improve batteries and speed - again

100 new i3 in DriveNow – BMW’s premium electric car sharing fleet

BMW Group supports a paradigm shift to cities based around people rather than cars. Presentation of concepts that explore how urban mobility can be managed without private cars; Electric car sharing as a key component; BMW i3 now available via DriveNow.